Sunday Ritual

After a rainy start to the weekend, Sunday was a perfect day.  Church is on the agenda most Sundays, more so recently, now that I have a little one.  We both dress in our Sunday best and head out the door.   Church and fashion do go hand in hand.  There are the ones who come in having just rolled out of bed; there are the Sunday casual ones; and then there are those who make the weekly pilgrimage in their finery.  I love that.  Growing up in a small town where the you walked to mass with all you neighbors, Church used to be the place where you’d see the latest fashions.  There was a sense of good, healthy, competition in trying to outdo your neighbor’s Sunday best.  Sunday’s ritual brings my little one and I a bit closer, and sharing my faith with her is the best gift I can impart.  That and the love for what we wear.

Thursday Morning

Dorothy Perkins body conscious dress
$55 –

Dorothy Perkins platform shoes
$44 –

Nina Ricci floral shawl
$435 –

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