Color Explosion

Color Explosion

We are expecting rain today and lots of it.  The sky is gray and the air is heavy.  I am reminded of time spent it the tropics.  However, there are no palm trees, or umbrella drinks surrounding my desk, just the hum of the recycled air, the clicking of the keyboard, and the ringing of the phone.  So, I am going to whisk myself away to an island where the air is warm, the water clear, the sand clean and white, and the beers are 50 cents.  I am going to rest my eyes for a second and smell the salt in the air, taste the crisp cool Atlas on my tongue, savor the flaky, grilled, red snapper, and feel the ocean waves as the creep up past my toes.  Wow…I almost took the longest nap in my hammock…back to work Rita Anne!


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