My Butterfly

The greatest joy, and success, in my life thus far, is my Maya Rosie.  She is truly one of a kind – an old soul in the petite, lanky body of a four (and a half) year old.  With eyes a deep brown and hair a sunkissed brunette, my little Rosie flits through her life like a butterfly.  Her being embodies that of an old soul; her words are mostly sensitive and thoughtful; her personality, funny.  As for her style, it is truly an expression of herself.  She loves all that is feminine…lace, light fabrics, jewelry, sweet smelling perfume, and ofcourse, my makeup.  Happy Thursday to all of you out there who have little butterflies of your own.  I will devote my life to nurturing her with love and strength so that one day, her delicate wings will spread out and take her towards the stars.My Butterfly

Oasis wrap dress
$130 –

Butterfly jewelry

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