Harrods Here We Come

Well, this post should have been done two years ago, but I didn’t realize I had a sense of style then.  My husband and I took our little one to London and Paris.  On one of the days, I took my little one for lunch at Harrods and there we got to indulge in two of my favorite things – food and fashion.  My pictures of the Harrods fashion are limited as I was asked to stop photographing in the clothes department…ah, c’est la vie.


My little one at the Knightsbridge tube station


Walking to Harrods in the rain.

We’ve arrived under the famous Harrods green awning.

Entrance to the Luxury Room.

The Luxury Room in all it’s glory. Just the reference to the wealth of the pharaohs (a nod to the Fayed’s Egyptian origins) is telling of the luxury housed within this hall, and all of Harrods.

There was Lanvin and Chanel and Balenciaga…oh my!

More bags.

Oooh…that dress would look wonderful on Mummy!

Mellow yellow. We were there in the March and Spring fashion was in full bloom.

Luscious lavender dresses…this is where the salesgirl started to follow me.

Perfect for a Spring Fling…think this one was a Lanvin.

Fascinated by the giant saltwater fish tank heralding the cosmetics department…and the end of my pictures at Harrods. Was informed that picture taking inside the various departments was not allowed.

We found the shrine to one of my fashion icons..it was a quiet spot and visitors were solemn. The engagement ring that Dodi al Fayed was going to give Diana was encased in a clear pyramid. My little one took respite after having been dragged from department to department by a wanton, consumer-overtaken mother.

Finishing off the Harrods experience with lunch and a treat! After a long walk about this amazing shop, we took a nice, long lunch.

The fashion is not all there is to Harrods…it’s food hall is yet another story, and yet another blog – The Determined Cook – do stop by for a visit.


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