Smile…Don’t Take It All So Seriously

When I saw this template on Polyvore, I went straight to my collection of Marilyn’s photos.  She had the most dynamic smile and when she truly laughed, she really seemed happy.  Smiling and laughing are really not that hard and when we do, everything seems to fall into perspective.  Life is hard enough…why make it harder…smile a little, laugh a little, and before we know it, the troubles that seemed so unbearable seem possible to deal with.  One of the things I promise myself is to smile at my colleagues, no matter what.  A smile is the icebreaker, it’s the warmth that one can give a colleague who is having it tough.  Super cheesy, I know, but in this day and age where we walk about barely looking up, a smile can go a long, long way. Carefree


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