You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

This last week has been a tough one…the fear of change bring about change in everyone.   Cryptic, but true.  The one thing that is constant in my life that my little one makes me feel like dancing.  When I see her, she has this glorious smile that makes me feel like I am her sun, her moon, and her stars…does she realize that she is all that, and more, for me?

Prim, proper and quite a lover of bright colored fashion.

From birth, the camera has been good to her…she loves posing for pictures and as you can see, her pictures exude her essence.  She is an old soul in the body of a preschooler.  Her sense of fashion is bold, bright, and all hers.  She picks her clothes and always tends to say, “Mummy, does this pop?”  

Hair is just as important as the clothes.

Her hair is a dark contrast against her fair skin.  She loves ribbons and clips and all that is fancy.  I wish someone taught a class on how to style little girls’ hair.  Butterflies are her favorite.

Twirling the night away.

My little one is full of bright energy.  She loves to dance and sing and just be silly.  Twirling is her favorite activity.


Isn’t she quite the performer?

Look at the frills on that dress…perfect for a can can, or the tango, or just twirling about on a Saturday.  She is lithe, graceful and God only knows where she learnt these moves…I have three left feet.

Her energy has her reaching for the sky!

Pure joy, that’s what she give me…pure, unadulterated joy!  Have a great Saturday and dance a step or two, or three!


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