Summer Breeze

Today is a beautiful day.  My little one is matriculating from Pre-K into Kindergarten and I am as excited as she is.  Her class and the graduating Kindergarten class have performances rehearsed.  All our family will be joining us to celebrate this small, yet important milestone.  I bought her a new dress and shoes and so as not to fall into the commercial graduation trap, I am going to take her a singe white rose…she has got to know how proud we are of her and how supportive we are of all her education.  This evening, as the warm summer breeze wafts through the San Fernando Valley, I will remember the last few years and how my little one has grown.  This summer will be the end of our time at her current school.  They are our family and we know that she holds a special place in their hearts.  We are in their debt for the time and care they took to encourage and mold our little one into the little girl that she is.Summer Breeze

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