Hanging In the Balance

Style is such a decision.  You could always run the risk of going too far and looking ridiculous or taking yourself, the items in your closet, and your mood, and turning all components into a stylish outfit.  That said, I am a strong believer that some outfits are just outlandish.  I am all for self expression; however, expression of oneself shouldn’t take away from what and who is around us.  Style can be very selfish.  We all want to look good, but at what cost?  So, in keeping with the balanced tone of this week, I am, once again, re-organizing my closet.  To put it simply, the state of my closet hangs in the balance.  A colleague once told me that those of us who are emotional eaters are also emotional shoppers.  It’s amazing how many pants I have in my closet that are bought either in hopes of one day fitting into them, or bought because I was at a point in my day where I saw myself larger than what I really was.  I will carefully look at what I have and start to put things away.  My closet reflects my distinct style, but the number of items reflect my different emotional states.  Who thought?In the Balance


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