Came home to sweltering heat; 107 degrees Farenheit to be precise.  The hot dry air became my sole focus.  Nothing could cool me down, not even the air condition pointing straight at me.  So, instead of fighting the heat and becoming one with it, becoming lethargic and dragging myself around the house, I joined it.  I made myself a hot cup of Persian flower tea with two teaspoons of sugar, drank it languidly and found myself perking up.  Somewhat energized, I stood under the cool shower and stepped into a cool, cotton tank top.  Dinner was a quick roasted salmon with curried roaster cauliflower, washed down with a gingerale-tequila concoction.  I found my harmony with the heat and today, will keep that in mind as I step out of my cool office onto the burning sidewalk.Untitled #158

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