Three Times the Charm

Our weekend was quite an “adventurous” one.  We started out on a rainy Friday night, for a cabin up in the mountains…all packed and ready to go.  As we were backing out, we received notification that the I-5 had shut down due to heavy snow, and an accident caused by the snow.  Not to be hindered by a bit of snow, we checked the weather, early Saturday morning, and saw that all was clear.  We headed up to the cabin.  The place was a winter wonderland…lots of fresh powder dusting the trees, the cabin, the mountains, leaving everything with a sparkly white glow.  We unpacked our car, climbed the three flights of icy steps to the main level of the cabin and entered a freezing abode.  Heaters turned on, we moved onto the water.  My husband turned on the mains outside and the next thing I know, there is water gushing out from under the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, every sink in the cabin.  After spending a couple of hours mopping up and trying to dry things out, we found out that there were two pipes that were broken in the wall.  Once more, we packed up our car and got out of Dodge.  Nothing can hold the Smiths down…we came back the following morning (the cabin is about an hour and a half from our home) and had a fun-filled day in the snow!

x 014

x 055

x 017

x 041

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