Tea for Three

Maya Rosie and I finally took my Mom (Shammy = Grandma) to Chado Downtown for a spot of tea.  I got a great deal on Groupon at Christmastime, but forgot about it.  My husband was kind enough to drive us and the traffic was so horrible, that it took us 2 hours to drive about 30 miles…that’s Los Angeles for you.  The ladies went off to tea, and my husband, and brother decided to head across the street from the tea house for beers and tacos.  Chado Downtown is located in Little Tokyo, on the grounds of the Japanese American Museum.  The weather was pleasantly spring, so we sat outside in draped, ribbon wrapped chairs.  Shammy, Maya Rosie, and I had a wonderful time, talking, laughing and just being silly…until the tea arrived.  Then, it was onto proper table manners.

ImageI finally found an occasion to wear my Moroccan wool coat from Zara, paired with a royal blue find from Ross.  My vintage Chanel handbag made an appearance, as did my new nude heels.


This blue dress was a Ross find…it’s forgiving around the waist, and the light fabric makes it a perfect dress for the approaching spring.


Look at how elegant my Mom is…she’s ageless.  I hope I’ve inherited some of those genes.

Elbows on the table seemed not to matter as we watched Maya Rosie enjoy her tea.


An Afternoon Tea for two included smoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese, chicken salad and cranberry sauce, and egg salad sandwiches; English scones with clotted cream and marmalade; shortbread cookies, mini carrot cakes, and a generous slice of lemon pound cake with lemon curd.






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