Good Old Fashioned Fun Fair

Today was the annual Spring Fair at my school.  Maya Rosie was up bright and early this morning and ready to go!DSC_0119When we got there, my husband and I rushed off to our volunteer posts and Maya dragged Grammy to the girlie section of the fair.  There was face painting.

DSC_0124At the fashion hair booth, Maya got the french braid she has wanted forever, complete with glitter and funky colors.

DSC_0133Her hair looked so colorful that I decided to join in on the colorful fun.

DSC_0202Once she was all prettied up she was ready to delve into the fun part of the fair.

DSC_0134There were rides for kids of all ages, and for our Maya Rosie, the faster and higher she goes, the more fun the ride.  She tried the spinning swing.


Followed by the giant slide.  With that one, she had her partner-in-crime…her Daddy.

DSC_0177Then it was onto the ferris wheel, accompanied with an adult.  Mummy and Grammy were happy to oblige.  Love was shown all around.


Maya whispered words of encouragement into Grammy’s ear.

DSC_0248The bounce house was next and somehow Maya found a way to climb out the top.

DSC_0150After some rides, we headed onto the Paddy Wagon food truck for some delicious sliders.  Ofcourse Maya Rosie found yet another ride to the food.

DSC_0155After our lunch, it was straight to the arts and crafts section of the fair.  Maya’s first stop was the spinning art booth.

DSC_0191Her creation was quite beautiful.

DSC_0194Then she was onto creating beautiful jewelry.

DSC_0140In fact, the whole family got in on the arts scene.

DSC_0201As we walked around, we bumped into old friends, and made new ones…like one of our favorite celebrity chefs.

DSC_0207There was cartwheeling on the field.

DSC_0243Great soccer moves!

DSC_0284All-in-all, it was just a great day!



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