Simply Raining

Simply Raining


Power Couple

Can’t wait for the President to officially accept the endorsement of his party.  He has my endorsement.  I usually don’t get partisan, but these days, I can’t help myself.  To expect perfection in our leaders is unreasonable.  However, a leader who strives to run a nation with his peoples’ interest foremost is his mind, has my vote.Power Couple

Saturday in LA

It is a beautiful Saturday today.  Everybody is healthy in our home and we are all together.  Today, we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with friends.  On the menu I have grilled tequila lime chicken, pico de gallo with mango and pineapple, a black bean, corn and mango salad, Spanish rice, and flan.  Washed down with some nice umbrella drinks, it promises to be a great Saturday.  As my lovely cousin says…”Happiness Always!”Untitled #101

Burberry striped top
$1,059 –

True Religion zipper jeans
£235 –

Pierre Hardy high heel booties
$1,350 –

Coralia Leets quartz jewelry
$193 –

It’s Raining Burberry

I am home sick today. Achy and feverish. It is gloomy outside; the sky is heavy with rain, but it’s warm. Woke up from a Nyquil induced sleep at around noon, but have not fully woken up all day. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

It's Raining Burberry

Burberry linen dress
$919 ;- ;

Burberry trench coat
$3,595 ;- ;

Burberry leather boots
$750 ;- ;

Burberry leather handbag
$1,395 ;- ;

Burberry scarve
£214 ;- ;