Getting Back Into Work Mode

Up and presentable at the crack of dawn.  Wanted to get this post done before the rush of the first day of school hit.  Are the children as excited as I am.  I have my new outfit on…my hair is still damp, but in a bit, it will meet my trusty flat iron.  Lunch is packed, snacks bagged, water bottle filled.  Lots of promises come with this first day…it’s like a second chance at  a new year.  Now, off to the “salon” I go.  Happy First-Day-of-School!Getting Back Into Work Mode

Trimming the Excess

Looking forward to doing a bit of summer shopping this week.  Had a great yard sale over the weekend and took a large step towards a life of minimalism…including my closet.  Was reluctant to dig into my loaded racks and remove the excess, but I was strong, and did so successfully.  Anything that has not draped my body in two years went into one pile.  Items that don’t fit anymore and have not hope of fitting went into another.  Items that do not fit my evolving style went into a pile as well.  My shoes were a little harder to relinquish, but I did so in the name of buying new ones.  Once all was said and done, we did pretty well.  This week, I will go shopping for a few key summer items and think hard before I make a purchase.  Wishing you all a restful Sunday night and wishes for a good week!Untitled #127