If Only Hook Were…

If Only Hook Were...


Power Couple

Can’t wait for the President to officially accept the endorsement of his party.  He has my endorsement.  I usually don’t get partisan, but these days, I can’t help myself.  To expect perfection in our leaders is unreasonable.  However, a leader who strives to run a nation with his peoples’ interest foremost is his mind, has my vote.Power Couple

Wednesday…We’re Halfway There

We’re halfway there…I find myself hurling towards Friday, but I’d like to put on the brakes and relish in the thought of a 3-day weekend.  Wednesdays give me dual possibilities…an extra few days of the week to plow through what I need to do, and the possibility that in a few days it will be play time.  Wednesdays are the great coin with two faces…heads or tail, whichever you choose, Happy Wednesday!Wednesday...We're Halfway There